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Versatile Star Printer Range for Food Labelling

Versatile Star Printer Range for Food Labelling 


      Along with receipt and order printing solutions for hospitality, Star also offers a wide range of printers for standard die cut labels as well as linerless labels for food preparation, food safety and allergen labelling. These are ideal for existing systems, tablet-based systems and also for Cloud based software, printing labels from a central database to a number of different locations.

      All of Star’s label printers use direct thermal technology for fast, accurate printing directly onto thermal label rolls, are easy-to-use and have superior connectivity.

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TSP654IISK 3″/80mm linerless label printer
The TSP654IISK prints on variable length re-stick labels using MaxStick media which can be repositioned multiple times. Ideal for printing customer food orders which can then be issued as a receipt / bag seal.
• Linerless label printer for variable length repositionable labels
• Variable print widths, 80mm, 58mm and 40mm
• Paper taken sensor and anti-jam cutter to handle multiple labels
• Versatile connectivity including USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth and Star CloudPRNT for web and cloud connectivity to a central database

3”/80mm and 4”/112mm desktop label printer
Fast and simple to operate, Star’s TSP700II 3″ / 80mm and TSP800II 4″ / 112mm direct thermal label printers print on label rolls and can be integrated into current systems or can also connect to mobile devices and tablets.
• Direct thermal label printers with simple label roll loading 
• Accurate fixed length labels with automatic label cutter
• Large 10cm label roll for fewer roll changes 
• Versatile connectivity including USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Apple AirPrint™ (TSP800II) and Star CloudPRNT for web or cloud connectivity to a central database
• Splash proof cover and wall mount options
2”/58mm and 3″/80mm mobile bluetooth
classic and BLE label printer
SM-L200 2″ / 58mm and SM-L300 3″ / 80mm versatile labelling for traditional or liner-free labels (SM-L300
• Simple Bluetooth connectivity with mobile devices including Apple iOS™, Android™, Windows™ and Linux™
• BLE allows the use of multiple tablets with one printer 
• Drop-in easy-to-load thermal label rolls 
• Long battery life and Micro USB / vehicle Charging
• Desk dock cradle charger option

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Star’s range of Printing Solutions for Android POS

Star’s range of Printing Solutions
for Android™ POS


       Star offers a wide range of receipt printers as well as mobile and kiosk printers to suit the growing number of Android POS applications. Android EPOS systems have become increasingly popular in retail and hospitality thanks to the growth of Tablet POS and their ability to be flexible, adaptable and scalable as businesses grow.

       Having selected Android POS software and an optimal device, the same thought process should continue to the connected peripherals to provide customers with the very best experience possible. The key is to choose hardware which is reliable, has excellent connectivity options and offers flexibility for both current and future business needs.

Printing from Android devices

Star’s desktop, mobile and kiosk printers allow seamless connectivity with compatible Android POS systems & devices via USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth or WiFi

Fixed POS for Android

Fixed POS or order printers for on or under the counter connect to a fixed Android terminal via USB or LAN or commonly to mobile tablets via WiFi  or Bluetooth

Mobile Printers for Android
Bluetooth portable receipt, label and ticket printers for mobile applications use in stock rooms and restaurant table service

Kiosk Printers for Android
Reliable printers and mechanisms for integration with Android kiosks and touchscreens

Label and Ticket Printers
High quality fixed and mobile label and ticket printers for Android applications

mPOP™ POS Solution
Unique combined Bluetooth & USB receipt printer & cash drawer for Android POS

SteadyLAN™ Network Connectivity
Star’s unique USB-C cable port on the mC-Print3 printer range provides power delivery as well as direct communication between compatible Android tablets and the receipt printer via the standard USB-C cable. Star’s unique SteadyLAN™ technology also provides network tethering for Android tablets for a stable network connection via the printer without the need for WiFi

Google Cloud Print
With Google Cloud Print now discontinued, Star CloudPRNT provides the ideal way to print from compatible Android devices to any Star connected receipt, label ticket or kitchen order printer. Star CloudPRNT also offers additional key features specifically designed for printing to smaller format receipt and order printers and full, real-time, status monitoring of all connected printers

      For Android Software developers, Star offers comprehensive Android SDKs and utilities as well as various APIs for Cloud-based integration with Star products with minimal time needed for integration.

      For a full range of Star’s Android receipt printers please see below or please contact our team directly for help and advice.

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Star Micronics Introduces TSP654IISK Liner-Free Label Printer with Taken Sensor

Star Micronics Introduces TSP654IISK Liner-Free Label Printer with Taken Sensor


Star’s new TSP654IISK is a cost effective, eco friendly direct thermal linerless label printer designed for printing repositionable food and allergy labels, food and drinks orders and bag labels as well as product labels for restaurants, cafes, takeaway and retail outlets.
With a fast print speed and compact design the TSP654IISK prints high resolution text and graphics on linerless Maxstick media on 40mm, 58mm or 80mm roll widths, significantly reducing paper wastage compared to standard labels while improving order accuracy. The TSP654IISK also offers a high quality anti-jam guillotine cutter and paper taken sensor with optional buzzer alert for efficient order management as well as interchangeable plug-in interfaces including Star WebPRNT and Star CloudPRNT technology. A separate MFi certified Bluetooth model is also available.

TSP654IISK Features

  • Fast 180mm/s print speed
  • High quality guillotine cutter
  • Paper Taken Sensor*
  • 40mm,58mm or 80mm paper widths
  • USB, LAN, HI X Connect, Serial Interfaces. Separate Bluetooth model
  • HI X Interface with Star WebPRNT / CloudPRNT for direct printing from web and cloud based apps
  • Buzzer and cash drawer support
  • Hub functionality with HI X Interface to connect a USB scanner / customer display

    *The TSP654IISK features a Paper Taken Sensor which can be enabled to hold each new label  / order until the previous label has been taken.  This assists efficient order management and accuracy at busy times when multiple orders are being  processed. The taken sensor also allows the host software to know the time that the ticket was taken, how long after printing or how long before delivery the print job was started for increased efficiency  A buzzer can also be connected to alert the operator either once or repeatedly that the label is waiting to be taken.

Star Label Printing Range
Star’s range of low cost, high quality thermal label printers offer accurate fixed length and linerless label printing with high quality graphics and barcodes for a variety or retail and industrial applications including food and allergy labelling, delivery, shelf edge labelling, product labelling, healthcare, visitor management and warehousing.
Compact and easy-to-operate, our range of desktop, mobile and kiosk barcode label printers are simple to integrate into current systems thanks to the option of wired and wireless connectivity as well as sophisticated drivers and SDKs for a wide selection of operating platforms. Please contact Star for more information about Star label printers and for approved label suppliers.



Part of Star’s multi-product API, the TSP654IISK linerless label printer offers
SDK support for iOS, Android and Windows for simple integration  of platform-specific traditional POS,  mobile POS and tablet POS applications. 

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4 Reasons to Switch to Star CloudPRNT as an alternative to Google Cloud Print

4 Reasons to Switch to Star CloudPRNT

as an alternative to Google Cloud Print


     As we are sure many business owners are already aware, Google Cloud Print will no longer be supported after 31st December 2020. This is no doubt disruptive to many businesses that use this service and, as the date looms ahead, it is important to switch to an alternative Cloud printing solution.

     Cloud printing is a key part of keeping operations such as restaurants, takeaways, click and collect and warehouses organized and running smoothly. If you’re a developer of web-based point of sale software or a business using Google Cloud Print with receipt, label or ticket printers, Star is pleased to offer Star CloudPRNT™, which is not only a replacement for Google Cloud Print in these environments but also offers additional key features specifically designed  for printing to smaller format receipt and order printers.  Star CloudPRNT is complimentary with any compatible Star printing product.


Print From Anywhere To Any Connected Printer

     Star’s CloudPRNT technology allows for secure remote printing directly from web servers straight to the printer, regardless of the printer’s location. CloudPRNT works with web-based applications to deliver print jobs and communicate status with the printer. Cloud POS services post information using a JSON format, while the Star CloudPRNT printer pulls this information at defined intervals. A tablet or POS system in store to send information to the printer is no longer necessary, which simplifies the process. This is ideal for click and collect services or restaurants and takeaways operating an online ordering system, as the ordering service is able to directly communicate with the printer.  Additionally, service providers and store owners don’t need to maintain an SSL certificate for CloudPRNT printers since the printer communicates with the server as a client.


Connect Peripherals for a Fully Functional POS System

     CloudPRNT communicates directly with the server and is able to control different peripherals connected to the printer, such as cash drawer, scanner, digital display for retail and buzzer alert which is ideal for kitchen environments. This enables a versatile POS system, capable of operating in a variety of different environments. Additionally, merchants are able to print to Star ticket andlabel printers using CloudPRNT which will automatically align each print-out correctly for increased accuracy in a store, warehouse, restaurant or unattended kiosk environment.


Included with compatible Star Products

STAR CloudPRNT is compatible with the product as below.

mC-Print 2

mC-Print 3





     CloudPRNT is also included with Star’s new TSP654IISK HIX cost effective, eco-friendly direct thermal linerless repositionable label printer.  All are able to be easily integrated into existing web and cloud-based software and apps for a simple solution to allow businesses to seamlessly integrate online transactions into their operations.

Easily Integrated into POS Software

     Star CloudPRNT is simple to integrate into POS software and supports native and web based point of sale system software. CloudPRNT can be hosted by the solution provider or independent software vendor and is able to be built into the software in the desired languages.  Star offers a CloudPRNT SDK with features able to assist with status decoding, print job media format negotiation as well as print job conversion, and includes a number of specific tools to assist with integration. Star has also developed a free CloudPRNT for WooCommerce plug-in to simplify integration with WooCommerce sites.

If CloudPRNT feels like the right choice to replace Google Cloud Print then why not contact STAR today to find out more.

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Star Technology Spectrum (Are you an WEB programmer? )

Are you an WEB programmer?

If Yes, STAR has the following solutions for integrating our products:
1) webPRNT                    

3) AirPrint                       

4) PassPRNT


Technology Comparison:


Unique Recommendation!

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Star Technology Spectrum (Are you a Native programmer?)

Are you a Native programmer?

If Yes, STAR has the following solutions for integrating our products:
1) Commands
2) SDK
3) Driver
4) AirPrint
5) PassPRNT
6) CloudPRNT

Unique Recommendation!

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Star Micronics Top 3 + Innovative Receipt Printer 2020


1. Star mC-Print 3 

Star Micronics mC-Print 3 is 3inch(80mm) paper size has front loading paper and front-exit thermal printing with cube designed, compact size and fast printing. The mC-Print 3 has included protected main logic board and water splash proof, can be access to cloud solution and USB peripherals such as cash drawer, scanner and customer display. The mC-Print 3 can be supported any restaurant or retails application.




2. mPOP Combination System

The mPOP (Mobile Point of Purchase) is the first printer which is printing 2inch(58mm) paper size and combines printer & cash drawer together. Fully integrated designed works with any tablet or mobile device. Compact design is perfect for specialty retail environments, such as boutiques or salons.




3. Star mC-Print 2

Star Micronics mC-Print 2 is a front-exit thermal printing with compact design and stylish for the business that using POS System, tablet solution, cloud solution or web-based printing. The mC-Print 2 is a printer which is supported 2inch(58mm) paper size, also designed for easy to paper loading and have five interfaces and multiple connectivity options deliver ultimate flexibility.




4. Star TSP100III

Star’s TSP100III Series was created to improve connectivity problems from business owners. Star TSP100III delivers a simple reliable directly connection for iOS devices via USB connectivity. And has been installed with internal power supply. This sleekly designed Star receipt printer is spotlight-ready and looks beautiful on a counter in a restaurant and retail environments.




5. Star SP700 Dot Matrix Printer

The SP700 Dot Matrix Printer is a reliable receipt and kitchen printer for retail and hospitality applications. And designed for easy paper loading, compact vertical and horizontal printing. It’s splashes resistant and easy-clean design along with options such as two-color printing, wall mount bracket and integrated buzzer alarm option mean that the SP700 is ideally suited as a robust hospitality printer in bar or kitchen environments.




6. Star BSC10

Star’s BSC-10 is an affordable, high-speed, direct thermal receipt printer. Available with Ethernet connectivity with its simple design and lever-free paper loading, this printer is designed to outperform the competition in retail and hospitality environments. It’s high-speed processing of receipts (250mm/second), as well as, a dual interface and ability to fit a 10cm paper roll makes it the first choice for retailers and hospitality operators globally.




Best printer makes your business be better, isn’t it? There are several printer options suited for a variety of retail, restaurant, and hospitality locations.




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The Lowdown on Star’s New mC-Print3 USB-C Model

The Lowdown on Star’s New mC-Print3 USB-C Model

The Star mC-Print™ is a small yet powerful printer that combines Star’s innovative technology and functionality.  Already available in 2” and 3” versions with direct connectivity to iOS devices, it’s now available as a USB-C® version with Star mCP31C and mCP31CB for direct connectivity, power delivery and internet connection to Android, Windows and Mac USB-C devices. This is ideal for businesses already operating or looking to purchase USB-C tablets with the new EU mandate for common charger standards.

Outstanding Connectivity

With Ethernet LAN, USB-C interface and the alternative, factory option of a Bluetooth Interface, the mC-Print3 receipt printer can be integrated into any traditional or tablet POS application. Star’s unique USB-C cable port provides USB device charging and direct data transfer between Android, Windows and Mac devices and the printer as well as network connectivity via a single USB cable.  With web and Cloud connectivity also included, the new models offer retailers a broad choice of connectivity which can grow and adapt with their business.


Star’s unique SteadyLAN™ technology is included with the mC-Print C models, enabling the tablet to have a wired Ethernet connection via the printer instead of, or as well as, a WiFi and / or Bluetooth connection.  This ensures that the tablet can be connected to the internet at all times, reducing the risk of downtime due to a weak or intermittent internet signal. When the tablet is disconnected from the printer, it will revert to WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity depending on the model.  As well as this, SteadyLAN allows simultaneous data and power delivery from the printer to the tablet, ensuring that the device is constantly charged.

Hub Functionality


Both mCP31C and mCP31CB offer 2 USB-A Host Ports for Multiple Peripheral Hub Functionality. With a single power source you can effectively build your own POS station simply by connecting a USB scanner, keypad, customer display, RFID device etc. to the mC-Print hub. Additionally, cash drawers and Kitchen buzzers can also be connected to the RJ-11 port. This is perfect for retail applications, pop up shops, boutiques and salons which have minimal space to reduce cabling requirements.

Star PassPRNT and CloudPRNT


PassPRNT ™ and CloudPRNT™ are ideal for businesses using web and cloud based POS software or offering an online ordering or delivery service.  Star CloudPRNT works with the online ordering service to create print jobs and communicate directly with the printer. Cloud ordering services post orders using a JSON format while the Star CloudPRNT printer will pull these orders at a defined interval. This removes the need for an additional tablet or POS system in store and staff having to key in and send an online order to the printer. The online ordering service is able to communicate with the printer directly reducing hardware costs and eliminating keying errors. Star is always developing and streamlining its CloudPRNT software to make integration and use easier for customers.

  • is the latest development within Star’s CloudPRNT technology, allowing stores the ability to simply send an e-mail to print customer orders, making the process even easier and requiring less integration.  Technology such as Star CloudPRNT will become essential for POS printer communication once Google Cloud Print is discontinued at the end of 2020. Star printers are also compatible with Shopify and WooCommerce along with other major e-commerce platforms offering stores even greater flexibility.  Setting up online ordering has become more crucial than ever.  Star recently developed a free WooCommerce plugin to make printing online orders and customer receipts even more effortless.

Kiosk and Self Service


With a compact, front paper loading design, unique connectivity and paper near end sensor included, the mCP31C and mCP31CB are ideal for use in Windows or Android based kiosks where the SteadyLAN functionality can also ensure internet connectivity at all times.

Seamless Integration


Star’s mC-Print series is compatible with POS and hospitality software used globally within retail and hospitality businesses. Online, responsive support manuals and diagnostics are available including animated LED indication making the mC-Print3 simple to install and configure from a mobile device. For software developers and integrators, the mC-Print3 has never been simpler to integrate.

The mCollection driver set for Windows including OPOS and JavaPOS drivers is available to download from Star’s Global Support site. iOS and Android utility apps are on the respective App store or Google Play store, accessed via a QR code from the printer self-test, and the printers also have a web-based configuration. However, should you require assistance with any part of the process, the Star Customer Success Team are on hand to help with any enquiries you may have.


For software developers, Star’s intuitive Software Developer Kits (SDKs)
>>Download Here:

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Compact, easy to use and reliable mobile receipt and label printers from Star

Today’s mobile workforce demands mobile printers that are light, fast and effective
indoors or out, whether you are producing labels for warehousing/logistics purposes
or providing on-the-go receipts for Tablet POS or Mobile Payment.

Star’s extensive range of feature-rich receipt and label printers
provide the ideal solution. Easy-to-use with simple paper loading and a long
battery life, Star’s range of Bluetooth mobile printers are perfect for printing high
quality receipts, coupons, Labels and tickets directly from tablets and smartphones.


2” /58mm Bluetooth Classic BLE Receipt and Label Printer with
Micro USB charging

  • High resolution 203 dpi 
  • Simple auto pairing with Bluetooth devices including Apple iOS™, Android™, Windows™ and Linux™
  • BLE allows the use of multiple iOS tablets 
  • Can print 58mm traditional and MAXStick™ ReStick labels
  • Black Mark & transmissive sensors
  • OLED display and 13 hour battery life 
  • Micro USB Charging 
  • Desk dock cradle charger & in-vehicle mount options

3” /80mm Bluetooth Classic BLE Receipt and Label Printer

  • High resolution 203 dpi
  • Simple auto pairing with Bluetooth devices including Apple iOS, Android, Linux and Windows
  • BLE 4.0 allows the use of multiple iOS tablets
  • Traditional 40-80mm label support with Black Mark & transmissive sensors
  • MAXStick™ ReStick style, liner-free label support
  • Unprecedented 43 hour battery life
  • High contrast OLED Display
  • Unique “flat”, decurl paper feature
  • Micro USB charging
  • 5V desktop cradle charger option

Super Compact 2”/58 Mobile Receipt Printer with Bluetooth and Auto Reconnect for iOS

Durable, lightweight, & fast printing

  • High resolution 203 dpi
  • Measuring only 114 x 80 x 44mm and weighing just 217g (inc. battery)
  • 5m drop test
  • Auto Direct pairing with Apple iOS (MFi certified), Android, Linux & Windows
  • Multiple LED Status display for easy use
  • Maximum 19 hour battery life printing at 5 minute intervals

Rugged, 3” /80mm Bluetooth Receipt and Label Printer

Dependable, fast printing, 31 hour battery life

  • High resolution 203 dpi
  • Protective rubber design with IP54 dust/splash-proof certification
  • 5m drop reliability
  • Maximum 31 hour battery life, printing at 5 minute intervals
  • Apple MFi Certification, seamless pairing with iOS devices along with all Bluetooth SPP devices including Android, Windows and Linux with additional wired serial connection

Durable, 4” /112mm Mobile Receipt and Label Printer with Auto Reconnect

Dependable, rugged, 35 hour battery life

  • High resolution 203 dpi
  • Protective rubber design with IP54 dust/splash-proof certification
  • 5m drop reliability
  • Maximum 35 hour battery life, printing at 5 minute intervals
  • Apple MFi Certification, seamless pairing with iOS devices along with all Bluetooth SPP devices including Android, Windows and Linux with additional wired serial connection


For software developers, Star’s intuitive Software Developer Kits (SDKs) allow simple integration with the latest cloud-based POS software as well as custom Android™, iOS™, Linux™ and Windows™ based apps.

For more information contact Star now on | Tel: +66 (0)2258-4631 |

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Online Ordering Solutions for Collection and Delivery

Print customer receipts and orders directly from web shops, on-line food ordering platforms and from Android™ Apple iPad®, iPhone® and Windows™ devices with Star’s range of weband Cloud based printers

Star CloudPRNT
Star CloudPRNT offers simple print job queue management and printer control of a scanner and display if required. CloudPRNT is simple to integrate, platform independent and compatible with top industry on-line ordering and scheduling applications.

Printing from a Local Device

Send orders directly from a PC POS system or Tablet to a Star USB, Lightning USB,
Ethernet, Wireless Ethernet, or Bluetooth Printer. Star’s WebPRNT, PassPRNT and SteadyLAN technologies solve issues usually associated with web and Cloud based printing including consistent browser printing and stable tablet internet connection without WiFi


Driverless printing capabilities for all receipt data, utilising HTML and JavaScript standards to provide consistent browser printing Ideal for quickly adding printer support with status to any progressive web application The market’s first solution to provide control of the printer and attached peripherals as well as Ethernet provision to tablets
More Info More Info More Info

Please check compatible models with Star

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