New advantages which was supported by new SDK (Oct. 2019)

1) Environment

Need Cloud(Server side), PHP language and JSON Command.

2) Knowledge

No need to study our StarIO SDK or Command.

3) StarIO Integration

Integration is not MUST. If customers integrate “CPUtil” which is a library for Star Markup, customer can print easily.

4) Native/Web APP

No matter. Direct print from cloud server. Printer always checks a specific address on cloud server, and it prints when print data is there.

5) Characteristic

Customer need to prepare and develop the printing server.

6)  Support Model

Very Limited (refer to Detail) (3 model, LAN only)

7) Security Certificate

No need.

8) Peripheral

Supported (refer to Detail)

9) Printing Design

Design format is limited.

10) Printing Design

Both Graphic and Text Printing are supported.

11) First Print

Slow. CloudPRNT solution is not for the application which needs a wuick response.

12) Multi-Platform

Yes. iOS/Android/Windows can be supported, because the printing is done from server directly.

13) Other

PC or Tablet don’t need, because the printing is done from server directory.


Star Micronics presents CloudPRNT, an innovative technology enabling users to print to Star printers directly through a cloud service. CloudPRNT will work with the online ordering service to store and create print jobs, and communicate status with the printer. Cloud ordering services will post orders using a JSON format while the Star CloudPRNT printer will pull these orders on a defined interval.

Star’s CloudPRNT technology provides benefits to both restaurant and retail stores alike by eliminating the need for an extra tablet to send an online order to the printer. Instead, the ordering service will be able to communicate directly to the printer. The store owner or service providers do not need to maintain an SSL certificate for this CloudPRNT printers since the printer communicates with the server as a client.

  • Cloud-connected Control of Peripherals

  • Communicate Directly with Server

  • No Need for Tablet, Software, and SSL Certificate at Local Level

Why this Innovation?
  • Star CloudPRNT enabling remote document and label printing from a web server from any network without the need for a local POS terminal, ideal for cloud-based POS applications such as restaurant aggregation, click and collect applications and logistics.

Actual Case
  1. Especially OOS (Online Ordering Service) ISVs Loved CloudPRNT, as “No Tablet” Solution.

  2.  ISVs Who :

    • Want to avoid iOS Update issues as much as possible (ISVs don’t have to implement Star’s SDK into their iOS APP)

    • Don’t want to use 3rd party’s library/API on their native APP.

    • Have some difficulties to install and maintain an SSL Server Certificate.

New SDK (Oct. 2019) what’s new?
  1. PHP Sample source code
  2. Star Markup Language – CPUtil (with .NET Core Runtime)
  3. Not only PNG but also JPEG, GIF, BMP and so on. (only with CPUtil)
  4. HTML Manual
Model Supported

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