Food and beverage services

Food and beverage services

The changing preferences of consumers drive the foodservice industry. Ingredients and menu items that were popular. Star Micronics offers point of sale hardware solutions for every corner of the F&B industry. From kitchen printers to cash drawers, our front-of-house and back-of-house offerings include:

  • POS solutions   
  • Online ordering
  • Tableside payment
  • Reservation management
  • Cash management
  • Bar Service

And Star Micronics is more than just hardware. With our sleek product designs, partnerships with industry-leading POS and online ordering providers, world-class technical support, and value-added marketing capabilities, Star will

Star Micronics & Restaurants

Full-Restaurant Starmicronics

Full-Restaurant Solutions:

Star Micronics has what restaurants need to run smoothly in the front- and back-of house.

Reservation Starmicronics

Reservation/Table Management:

With Star Micronics chit printers, easily track guest allergies, table reservations, and more.

Online Starmicronics

Online Ordering:

Embrace online ordering with Star Micronics’ reliable order printers, and industry-leading partnerships.

Pay-at-table01 Starmicronics


Star Micronics’ mobile printers make convenient at-table payments (and increased customer satisfaction) a breeze.

Why Star?

Quality meets innovation

  • Technology: Featuring modern interfaces and connectivity options, Star’s restaurant and kitchen point of sale solutions will keep your restaurant running smoothly – for years to come.
  • Ruggedness: Star’s kitchen products are resistant to many kitchen environmental factors, including splashes, insects, and heat.
  • Support: Backed by world-class support, Star offers live customer service, as well as a support website featuring FAQs, drivers, manuals, and more.
  • Encoding: Many of Star Micronics’ restaurant printers are able to print orders in numerous languages, even double- and multi-byte languages.

Features for Fool-Proof Dining

Quality from kitchen to tabletop

IC-High-Performance Starmicronics

High Performance


IC-Reliable Starmicronics


Tried and true

IC-Connected Starmicronics


Modern connectivity options

IC-Splash-Resistant Starmicronics

Splash Resistant

Holds strong against splashes

IC-Insects Starmicronics

Shielded from Insects

Protected from pests

IC-Heat Starmicronics

Stands Up to Heat

Built for use in hot kitchens

Highlighted Products

  • New mc-Print3 White StarmicronicsNew mc-Print3 Black Starmicronics
    Thermal Printer

    Star mC-Print 3

    Always leading - Always innovating, Star Micronics is proud to introduce the mC-Print 3, its new 3-inch front-loading and front-exiting printer with the mC-Print 3's compact size and fast printing speed.   This 3-inch thermal printer offers multiple connectivity options including USB, Lightning, Bluetooth, LAN, and CloudPRNT / webPRNT. The five connections are all a part of the mC-Print3 model, making the printer adaptable to any future POS system changes. Additionally, the multiple connectivity options allow for the easy integration of common software.  

    Product Sheet

  • mPOP StarmicronicsmPOP 2 Starmicronics
    Thermal Printer

    Star mPOP

    Star Micronics we’ve developed the world’s first conceptually driven, combined point of purchase cash drawer and printer in response to the need for an easily integrated mobile POS system.   In the mPOP we’ve created something that’s aesthetically simple and elegant, yet loaded with intuitive design features. At just 10 cm high and 30 cm wide it’s easily transportable, only one mains cable is needed for full operation.  

    Product Sheet

  • TSP100III StarmicronicsTSP100III 2 Starmicronics
    Thermal Printer

    Star TSP143III

    With an internal power supply including a complete power cord, mounting kit and paper roll, the TSP143III is the perfect printer for the mPOS series. Star added an additional USB Type-A connector for one power source to connect the tablet. Or your portable device easily. The TSP143III prints at a high speed of 250 mm/s and has "Drop-In and Print" paper loading and an automatic cutter.  

    Product Sheet

  • SM-T400i front StarmicronicsSM-T400i paperload Starmicronics
    Label Printer

    Star SM-T400i

    The Star SM-T400i is a rugged mobile printer offering simple, smart Bluetooth printing; compatible with all major operating systems including iOS™, Android™, Windows™ and Linux™.   The SM-T400i offers MFi Certification allowing it to pair seamlessly with iPad®, iPhone® and iPod Touch® along with all Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Profile) devices with additional wired serial connection flexibility.    

    Product Sheet

Star Services & Solutions

All that and more for your store

CloudPRNT enables your printer to communicate directly with web-based POS applications … no local tablet, software, or SSL certificate required!

Star’s first game changers are the new mC-Print Series and TSP100IIIU printers with a unique key feature USB printer can charge and communicate simultaneously directly via USB Cable with an iPad, iPod or iPhone.

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