For next generation mobile app development, Star has introduced an industry-first software development kit (SDK) for Star printer control for the popular cross-platform framework, React Native. The SDK is available for Star’s current printer range and helps reduce development time and maintenance costs associated with printer control and connection.

          Responding to this trend, Star has developed StarXpand SDK, initially targeting React Native but scheduled to later include other native and alternative cross-platform environments, to help reduce the development time and maintenance costs associated with printer connection.  The SDK features a new StarIO10 framework that provides a number of advantages including asynchronous communication allowing print jobs to take place in parallel, lowering implementation costs and the possibility of bugs while improving code readability. As StarIO10 is emulation-free, one StarXpand document will work with any current Star POS / Mobile printer.

About React Native
In the past, mobile POS applications had been developed exclusively for each operating system (OS), such as iOS and Android. However,
in recent years cross-platform development  which allows more of the programs of an application to be developed with one code for multiple OS’s  is attracting attention. Cross-platform development is expected to become essential to application development in the future.

About StarIO10
StarXpand™ SDK for React Native uses a new StarIO10 framework which includes multiple advantages including: asynchronous communication, an emulation-free design, human-readable command creation, faster printer search, and a logging function between
the OS and printer


New “StarIO10” Adventage


StarIO10 features for asynchronous COMMUNICATION.

  • Developers do not need to write an asynchronous process.
  • Reduce implementation costs
  • Less possibility of bugs
  • Improved code readability



Emulation Free (No Need consideration of Emulation)

StarIO10 features for Emulation Free

  • No need to make any changes even if a printer is changed emulation
  • Can use all 3- inch printer as if they same without consideration (TSP654II, TSP100III, mC-Print3, SM-T300i)












Same API for different OS

StarIO10 features for Same API

  • Reduce implementation costs
  • Easy to maintenance.








Human-Readable Command Creation

StarIO10 features for Human-Readable Command Creation

  • Easy to understand what data a printer receives
  • Help solving problem
  • Reusable as printer format without emulation dependences







Faster Printer Search

StarIO10 features for Faster Printer Search

  • Improve a search speed especially for Lan Printers 10 to 300 milliseconds






Log Communications Between OS and Printer

StarIO10 features for Log Communications Between OS and Printer

  • Shorten an analysis time of an issue which happen in the field.
  • Get log file and note the time when the issue happens.
  • Avoiding prolonged downtime and thus saving businesses valuable time and money.




Part of the Star Micronics Technology Portfolio

StarXpand™ SDK for React Native is just one of the many technologies offered by Star Micronics. Other solutions include CloudPRNT, which enables users to print to Star Micronics printers directly through a cloud service, and SteadyLAN™, which provides wired Ethernet service to devices connected to a networked printer via the Lightning or USB-C® cable.


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