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Quick service restaurants (QSRs) need to be – you guessed it – quick. And where is speed created? At the point of sale! Star Micronics takes QSRs of all kinds to the next level by offering a wide portfolio of point of sale (POS) , peripherals and cloud services that are stylish, reliable, functional, and affordable. Together, our family of products enables QSRs to provide fast, accurate operation, keeping customers happy and profits high.


And we don’t do it alone – Star Micronics partners with the industry’s hottest software manufacturers to bring you cutting edge solutions for every aspect of a QSR – from mobile ordering to product labeling.

Star Micronics & QSR

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Between mobile ordering, quick pick up, and more, today’s consumers value a quick and easy way to obtain their meals – and Star Micronics can help with it all.

Loyalty Starmicronics

Loyalty Programs

Rewards of all kinds are in high demand. Star Micronics is proud to partner with POS software providers that offer loyalty programs – and we enable on-receipt loyalty program promotion.

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Modern Appeal

Today’s customers value sleek aesthetics. Star Micronics’ mPOS product line, the mCollection, is designed for mobile-first businesses that seek a clean, stylish look.

Why Star?

A solution for every corner of a QSR

  • POS Printing and Cash Management: Star Micronics has what it takes to streamline and secure POS transactions, both in-store and in the field.
  • Online Ordering: With easy-to-integrate technology and strong partnerships with the industry’s top online ordering services, Star Micronics makes online ordering POS easy.
  • Self-Service Kiosks: Star Micronics’ kiosk printers are reliable and feature a small footprint – perfect for the booming self-service trend that’s here to stay.
  • Labeling Solutions: Look no further for an ideal labeling solution for wrapping products, indicating exception/addition food orders, creating nutrition/ingredient labels, and more.
  • Restaurant Marketing: It’s more important than ever for QSRs to brand themselves – and they can do just that by using Star Micronics technology to print promotions directly on receipts.

Features Your Eyes on These Features

Everything a QSR needs 

IC-AllinOneBox Starmicronics

All in One Box

Includes power and interface cables, and setup sheet

IC-Reliable Starmicronics


Reduce downtime and costs associated with unreliable printers

IC-Functional Starmicronics


Perfect for various business models and scalable for growth

IC-Affordable IC-Affordable


Available in a wide variety of price ranges

IC-Modern Starmicronics


Stay trendy, improve reputation and create sticky customers

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Includes business marketing software

Highlighted Products

  • New mc-Print3 White StarmicronicsNew mc-Print3 Black Starmicronics
    Thermal Printer

    Star mC-Print 3

    Always leading - Always innovating, Star Micronics is proud to introduce the mC-Print 3, its new 3-inch front-loading and front-exiting printer with the mC-Print 3's compact size and fast printing speed.   This 3-inch thermal printer offers multiple connectivity options including USB, Lightning, Bluetooth, LAN, and CloudPRNT / webPRNT. The five connections are all a part of the mC-Print3 model, making the printer adaptable to any future POS system changes. Additionally, the multiple connectivity options allow for the easy integration of common software.  

    Product Sheet

  • TSP100III StarmicronicsTSP100III 2 Starmicronics
    Thermal Printer

    Star TSP143III

    With an internal power supply including a complete power cord, mounting kit and paper roll, the TSP143III is the perfect printer for the mPOS series. Star added an additional USB Type-A connector for one power source to connect the tablet. Or your portable device easily. The TSP143III prints at a high speed of 250 mm/s and has "Drop-In and Print" paper loading and an automatic cutter.  

    Product Sheet

  • TSP650 White StarmicronicsTSP650II Starmicronics
    Thermal Printer

    Star TSP650II

    A fast 300mm/second thermal POS receipt printer, the TSP650II offers versatility at all levels with a range of connection options for traditional EPOS as well as newer mPOS, tablet and web based systems.  Retailers can choose to stick to a traditional PC-based system and then to switch to web or tablet solutions as they wish or to run both systems concurrently. The TSP650II combines high print quality and simple set up with Star’s renowned reliability – all at great value.  

    Product Sheet

Featured Star Services & Solutions

Made to optimize QSRs of every type and size

With this free cloud management marketing tool, effortlessly print custom promotions directly on the bottom of your receipts.

Enable web-based POS to communicate directly with the printer … no local tablet, software, or SSL certificate required.

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