WiFi Dongle


List of WiFi Dongle that compatible with specific Star Printer Interface.

Intelligent Interface (HIX)

WLAN ChipsetBrandModelSupported Firmware
TRENDnetTEW-648UBM V1.1R 1.1 or later
EW-648UBM V2.0R1.9.2 or later
EDIMAXEW-7811UN V1.0A1.1 or later
NETGEARWNA1000M1.1 or later
RTL8812AUPLANEXGW-900D1.1 or later
BuffaloWI-U2-433DM1.1 or later
TRENDnetTEW-805UB HW:V1.0R1.1 or later
TP-LINKArcher T4U Ver.11.1 or later
Archer T4U Ver.21.3 or later
D-LinkDWA-182 H/W:C1, F/W:3.061.1 or later
LINKSYSWUSB63001.1 or later
RTL8192DUAus LinxAL-9904R31.1 or later
RTL8822BUEDIMAXEW-7822ULC V1.0A1.6 or later
TP-LINKArcher T4U Ver.3 1.6 or later
ASUSUSB-AC53 Nano1.9.2 or later
D-Link DWA-182 H/W:D11.9.2 or later
RTL8188EUEDIMAXEW-7811UN V21.9.2 or later

Intelligent Interface (HIA)

BrandModelFrequencySupported Firmware
PLANEXGW-USNANO2A2.4GHz1.5.0 or higher
EDIMAXEW-7811UN2.4GHz1.5.0 or higher
D-LinkDWA-182 rev C12.4GHz / 5GHz1.5.0 or higher
LINKSYSWUSB63002.4GHz / 5GHz1.5.0 or higher
EDIMAXEW-7811UN V22.4GHz1.9.3 or higher
TRENDnetTEW-648UBM V2 0R2.4GHz 1.9.3 or higher
D-LinkDWA-182 HW Ver.D12.4GHz / 5GHz1.9.3 or higher
ASUSUSB-AC53 Nano2.4GHz / 5GHz1.9.3 or higher
D-LinkDWA-131 HW Ver.E12.4GHz1.9.3 or higher


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